The ElbowLOC® Arm Positioning System

Why Struggle?


The ElbowLOC® Arm Positioning System

Why Struggle?

The Elbow Loc®

The ElbowLOC Arm Positioning System is a surgeon assist device that stabilizes the proximal humerus while allowing unrestricted access to and motion through the elbow joint! This makes elbow surgery easier and more efficient for the surgeon, OR staff, and patient.

The ElbowLOC attaches over sterile drapes onto standard OR table railings. l\/lodular components allow the Surgeon unlimited access to and control of the elbow joint during both supine and lateral decubitus procedures.

The ElbowLOC simplifies many upper limb surgeries and is ideal for:

• Periarticular fractures about the elbow

• Arthroscopy

• Instability procedures

• Total elbow arthroplasty

• Ulnar nerve surgery

• Olecranon bursa excisions

• And many more...


Improving the lives of patients, surgeons, and their healthcare facilities.

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