Re: Basics of Elbow Arthroscopy Part II: Positioning and Diagnostic Arthroscopy in the Supine Position. Arthroscopy Techniques 2016; November: e1-e5.

I would like to complement Dr. Chris Camp and his surgeon team on a job well done with the above referenced (and attached) article which was recently published in Arthroscopy Techniques. Dr. Camp and his team nicely review the supine technique and point out the significant advantages of supine patient positioning for elbow arthroscopy. We encourage everyone interested in elbow arthroscopy to give it a read. It’s concise and will be time well spent.

In the article, the authors list a few relative “disadvantages” of supine positioning for elbow arthroscopy. These disadvantages, from my perspective, are problems inherent to the arm holders that the text references, not the supine position itself. The ElbowLOC® Arm Positioning System addresses the various shortcomings of other mechanical arm positioners that may be used to support the arm during supine elbow arthroscopy.

The ElbowLOC® Supine Positioner specifically:

  • Maintains the humerus stable vertically, giving the surgeon complete control of the forearm and the elbow joint
  • Allows for free flexion and extension of the elbow intraoperatively
  • Allows static positioning of the elbow joint, including incremental extension, adjusted by the surgeon
  • Is fully sterile, applied over sterile drapes

The ElbowLOC® gives the surgeon the choice of lateral, supine, or supine suspended positioning and represents a significant cost savings versus other mechanical arm holders.

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Lee Hunter MD, MBA

Hunter Medical Founder and Chief Medical Officer

January 2017