1000th Case performed with the ElbowLOC Arm Positioning System

COLUMBIA, Tennessee - Hunter Medical, LLC announces the 1000th surgical procedure was recently performed with the ElbowLOC Arm Positioning System. This occurred nearly one year from its introduction to the medical device marketplace. The procedure was a “Terrible Triad” right elbow fracture/dislocation on a 40-year-old male. The procedure was performed by one surgeon with one assistant and was greatly simplified by use of the ElbowLOC.

“Terrible Triad” injuries and similar elbow fracture/dislocations cases can present challenges for surgeons. The ElbowLOC has been found to simplify these surgical procedures in the following ways:

·         Standard supine positioning allows excellent exposure and visualization of the anterior aspect of the elbow and retraction of the anterior capsule.

·         Radial head exposure and replacement is simplified.

·         Drilling tunnels in the proximal ulna to pass sutures for the coronoid fx/anterior capsule repair is quick and straightforward.

·         Providing the surgeon with static and dynamic control of the patient’s arm/elbow greatly accelerates the procedure.

·         Medial exposure, necessary in this case for fixation of a medial epicondyle fracture, was uncomplicated.

This 1000th case is example of how the ElbowLOC makes elbow surgery easier for surgeons.  Popularity of the arm positioning device is growing with upper extremity surgeons as evidenced by Hunter Medical achieving this milestone of 1000 surgical procedures. Additional photos and videos are available on our website, www.huntermed.net.


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