The ElbowLOC Arm Positioning System is currently noted in Campbell’s Operative Orthopeadics Twelfth Edition, Volume Three, Chapter 57, Fractures of the Shoulder, Arm and Forearm, as an important device necessary to assist in the performance of elbow surgeries.

The premiere edition of Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics was written in 1939 by Dr. Willis C. Campbell and has been revised and updated every five to seven years since.  As well, this text is now translated into seven different languages. Today, the text is written entirely by Campbell Clinic surgeons, with The Campbell Foundation providing all the necessary research, editorial, graphics and clerical support for the publication.  Medical professionals throughout the United States and around the world often refer to Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics as "the bible of orthopaedic surgery."

The ElbowLOC was developed to fill a void in elbow surgery devices, and is the only commercial arm positioning system marketed exclusively for supine and lateral decubitus elbow procedures.  The ElbowLOC has eliminates the “drift” from multiple assistants holding the arm in place, and provides the surgeon with a stable platform for surgical procedures in the elbow area. The supine positioner allows static, incremental, or dynamic elbow extension. The reducer/distractor component developed for the supine positioner markedly simplifies intraoperative fracture reduction and surgical fixation. The ElbowLOC eliminates the need for intraoperative arm traction devices and promotes much shorter procedural time.