Supine Positioner

Supine Positioner

Lateral Positioner

Lateral Positioner

The ElbowLOC® Arm Positioning System is a revolutionary surgical arm positioning device that simplifies patient positioning for elbow surgery! The ElbowLOC enables improved supine or lateral patient positioning, making elbow surgery easier and more efficient for the surgeon, OR staff, and patient!

Features and benefits of the ElbowLOC System include:

  • Provides the surgeon a stable platform for surgical procedures on the elbow region
  • Designed for efficient, effective patient positioning
  • Simple, adjustable, durable.
  • Promotes shorter procedural times
  • Supine Positioner allows static, incremental, or dynamic elbow extension.
  • Reducer/Distractor component for Supine Positioner markedly simplifies intraoperative fracture reduction and surgical fixation.
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome intraoperative arm traction devices
  • Fully contained in its own autoclavable carrying case

The Device

The ElbowLOC Arm Positioning System is a proprietary surgical arm positioner designed specifically for surgery on and about the elbow. It is, in fact, the only commercially available surgical arm positioning system marketed exclusively for surgery on the region of the elbow using the supine or lateral decubitus position! There’s a reason for that!

The ElbowLOC System consists of six separate components which the surgeon may assemble sterile at the point of care:

  • Base Support
  • Supine Positioner
  • Lateral Positioner
  • Wrist Support
  • Humeral Support
  • Elbow Reducer/Distractor Component


Assembly Technique

The patient and extremity are prepared in the usual sterile manner, per the surgeon’s routine. The surgeon then attaches the Base Support to the OR table railing over the sterile drapes. The surgeon modularly loads the Supine Positioner or Lateral Positioner into the Base Support. The Supine Positioner has Wrist Support, Humeral Support, and Reducer/Distractor optional components. The surgeon adjusts the height of either Positioner “on the fly” as the procedure and patient body habitus dictates.

All components utilize Patient Protector Pads which, along with an accessory foam positioning strap, are packaged in Sterile Field Kits for one-time use. These pads protect the patient from pressure during the procedure, and are specifically designed to enhance the functionality of the System.

Elbow surgery can be challenging. Why Struggle? Try the ElbowLOC and make your and your surgical teams life easier!

The Problem < The Solution

A stable platform for elbow surgery has evaded orthopaedic surgeons. The inherent difficulty stabilizing the humerus typically mandates that multiple assistants are required for each surgical procedure and creates a constantly drifting surgical field which prolongs and complicates surgical procedures.

The ElbowLOC® Arm Positioning System solves this problem, making elbow surgery simpler for the surgeon, staff, and patient!